Bleak Little World's seasoned musicians are drawn together in the most unexpected ways; the province resulting in many layers and textures. Rich harmonies sweetly serenade, and intricate syncopations are a hallmark of Bleak Little World's songwriting style; as is the occasional change in time-signature while keeping you in the groove.


Crafting a Prog-Americana bend, BLW is currently recording collaboratively composed and arranged songs for its first EP release. BLW's live show highlights the EPs Eco-Death song-cycle, including "Authentic Earth", which has been an instant hit with fans. You can also hear "Peak Oil Blues" by checking out our music page and listening to our playlist. 

Delving into diverse sonic and rhythmic possibilities, BLW is on a mission to explore its environs and encounter as many creative, original artists as possible; sharing musical ideas for the enrichment of all humankind. Hailing from New York's Capital Region, at ease both on stage and in the studio, BLW is ready to enjoy the trip with you. Sign up on our mailing list and come join us on our latest adventure!


At the Low Beat - Albany, NY